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Build Wellness
& Opportunity

in a High-Demand Industry.

Build Wellness & Opportunity in
a High-Demand Industry with
a 5X Fitness Lounge Franchise.

About This Franchise

5X Fitness Offers
5X the Opportunity

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, the 5X Fitness Lounge model is revolutionizing the fitness market. Through years of industry experience, founder Terrance Turner has built a successful business by evolving based on the market’s needs.

More than a simple fitness center, 5X Fitness Lounge elevates wellness to the next level by offering a multitude of third-party services under one roof.

5X Fitness Lounge brings to the table the absolute best in industry knowledge, wellness programs, branding, sales and marketing processes, social media and SEO marketing, and innovative technologies.

Revolutionizing Luxury Boutique
Gyms for Self-Empowered
Health & Fitness Entrepreneurs.

If you’re looking to join the $87+ billion global fitness industry, here are five solid reasons why you should consider a 5X Fitness Lounge franchise

Successful Operating Prototype

Through a laser focus on results, not just promises, we’ve built a unique business model that’s replicable in any market. We invite potential franchisees to visit our foundational operating location in Boca Raton and see for yourself.

Strong ROI

Given ongoing global health concerns, the fitness/wellness industry is more popular than ever. With a low investment and high margin potential, our established operating model offers profitability for motivated entrepreneurs.

Operationally Sound

The 5X Fitness Lounge model is operationally structured to run smoothly with a single owner/operator and a small number of employees.

Teachable to Others

The key benefit of the 5X Fitness Lounge model is the structure of the operation itself. As a franchisee, you will benefit enormously from our established and easy-to-grasp system.

Strong Support System

Leveraging our industry expertise, we provide a platform for franchisee success via superior training and support.

High Margin
for One Low

Franchise Fee

Minimum initial investment
including franchise fee
& training

Royalty Fee
6% of gross sale

Corporate Marketing Fund
1% of gross sale

Who Is a Good Fit for Us?

Are You the Right “Fit” for 5X Fitness Lounge

5X Fitness Lounge is successful because Terrance Turner has been aggressive and consistent in refining his
operational model, striving for industry excellence, and providing value to both clients and business partners.

The number one quality for a successful 5X Fitness Lounge franchisee is commitment to the health and wellness of customers, and the ability to recognize and hire staff that exhibit this dedication as well. Aside from previous fitness and/or wellness industry experience, our ideal candidate will possess the following qualities:

Strong Sales and Customer Service Abilities.

The owner/operator for a 5X Fitness Lounge franchise must be comfortable with face-to-face contact. The wellness industry rests on a foundation of trust, so a franchisee must be a “people person” who is outgoing and can establish credibility with clients and business partners

Problem Solver.

It is important that a franchisee be hard-working, detail-oriented, and able to think on their feet. The ability to negotiate with vendors and address customer concerns with finesse is critical to franchise success.

Good with Timing and Schedule Management.

The multiple moving parts of a successful fitness center require a high degree of organization. A 5X Fitness Lounge franchisee should feel comfortable managing employees, schedules, third-party associates and programs.

Training And Support

Fit Doesn’t Quit, and Neither Do We

We understand that the owner/operator franchise model involves significant investment – not just monetarily, but of time and lifestyle as well. That’s why 5X Fitness Lounge wants to provide every possible tool for franchisee success

Comprehensive Training

Our dual-phase initial training program empowers our franchise partners with all the knowledge they need to run a successful 5X Fitness Lounge franchise.


Operational– We will provide ongoing training and support in many areas, including unit operations, maintenance, customer-service techniques, and administrative procedures.
Marketing– 5X Fitness Lounge will coordinate the development of advertising materials and SEO/SEM strategies, and consumer marketing plans to help franchisees leverage our recognizable brand.
Ongoing R & D– We will provide our continued research methods and techniques to enhance unit-level profitability


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